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   Some people have faith to believe in their problems. Worrying about those problems is evidence that they have faith to believe that those problems will be there to torment, dominate and ruin their life. A person of Faith believes that their God (JESUS) is bigger then their problems. They see themselves overcoming their problems instead of simply being a victim. God does not work through complaining, through crying or through baseless hope. He works through faith. When the faith you have in your God exceeds the level of faith you have in the existence of your problems. Then you have just postured yourself to allow God to give you victory in that area of your life. 



Contact us with any Bible question you may have by clicking the FB icon at the bottom of this page.  This will allow you to send us your question through messenger.  If it is in the Bible we will find it. We will Give you chapter, verse as well as any other information to answer your question. 

Rev. Steven Shull


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