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     The best friend you will ever have is Jesus because God is the only one that will love you unconditionally. Despite what anyone may say, they can not love you unconditionally to the degree that God can. The sooner a person realizes this. The sooner they can stop wasting their life trying to grab the wind, only to realize that it could never be held on to. Only God can meet your deepest needs. Holding on to someone who has willfully severed there love for you, only causes pain. Let them go. If you seek God with all your heart. The Bible states that God will give you beauty for your ashes. 



Contact us with any Bible question you may have by clicking on the FB icon at the bottom of this page. This will allow you to send us your question through messenger.  If it is in the Bible we will find it. We will Give you chapter, verse as well as any other information to answer your question. 

Rev. Steven Shull


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