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 GOSPEL  TRACT  MINISTRIES                                      

 "Come follow Me and I will make you fishers of men"   

                                                                           - Matt 4:19

      We are a non-profit faith based ministry that has shared the Gospel all around the world. We have a team of ministers in Uganda and Ghana, Africa that work diligently to spread the Gospel, win souls and facilitate both deliverance and discipleship ministry. We also teach the Bible in the local schools, distribute Bibles, conduct large scale food distribution events as well as sponsor many poor children in several African countries to attend a school whose parents cannot pay the required school fees. Through the prayers and donations of many partners. We have been able to engage in all of these ministries in order to share Christs love with those who are struggling both physically and spiritually. Since our founding in 2008 the Lord has used GTM to win over 10,000 souls to Christ. Our website has had visitors from over 136 countries around the world and has reached people in the farthest most remote places, all to the glory of God.   

       In a world where there seems to be no end to the chaos and wickedness manifesting itself in so many places. People are struggling more then ever with paying their bills and just trying to get by. With poverty on the rise and the decline of morality in so many places. We felt God leading us to offer an alternative to the mess our world has found itself in. We felt the Lord directing us to promote the one and only thing that can easily reverse the downward trends that leave people in despair and without hope.

       The Bible teaches that God's solution for us is found in the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is in the business of saving people from the destructive devices and situations that many people currently find themselves in.

       God sent his son Jesus to earth to pay our sin debt that we could never pay with our good works. By putting one's faith in Jesus, we begin to experience life with a sense of joy and freedom that we never experienced before. True happiness is not what you have, but who you know. Only God knows how to give lasting peace. Only God can give you the real answers to your personal dilemma. God can truly change the circumstances of those who trust in Him. For more information on how to have this kind of relationship with God. Take 5 minutes to read the questions/ answers page and the salvation prayer page. Wouldn't you agree... that your life is at least worth a 5 minute investment in a chance to have a better relationship with God ?


Contact us with any Bible question you may have by clicking the FB icon at the bottom of this page. This will allow you to contact me personally through messenger regarding any Bible questions you have.  If it is in the Bible we will find it. We will Give you chapter, verse as well as any other information to answer your question. 

Rev. Steven Shull


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