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Steven Shull
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       The Bible says "Let us make man in our image and our likeness" Genesis 1vs26. I have always been amazed by this powerful gift. This gift is so powerful that it can stop wars. It can mend a broken heart and can destroy anger and bitterness in its tracks. It never seems to remember much of the bad things that come along in life. It can brighten someone else's day extensively when one has this gift. It tends to be more concerned about the welfare of others then itself. It does not see skin color or judge someone because their different unless God's word says otherwise. It has the power to put road rage to death instantly. It can restore a marriage and cause someone to overcome the most intimidating impossible circumstances when one possesses this gift. This is one of God's greatest gifts to mankind and you don't have to be rich or be a preacher to possess it. Simply put, the gift I speak of is LOVE. And it works best when it's given away.

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Steven Shull
Site Owner
Posts: 22

        One of the most popular questions I often get asked is " If God is a loving God why does He send people to Hell"  This short paragraph below is my answer.      

          The existence of a place called  Hell is not evidence of the absence of God's love but rather our failure to Love God combined with God's promise to punish sin. The existence of hell does not equate the absence of Love.  Going to hell illustrates the absence of our responsibility to repent, trust and follow Jesus Christ as the complete payment of our sins.  It's just that plain and simple. God's love is never diminished by our sin.

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Calvin Nokes
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Oh' What a Mighty God We Serve, I'm So Glad To Be Here.

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